Parts of the Mass

Our Parish has been taking a few minutes before Mass every Sunday to explain different segments of the Mass. This is to help us better undertand the significance of what's happening.  Please see below a link to each Sunday's Part of the Mass explanation.

Week 1 Entry into Church and the Sign of the Cross at the baptismal font before Mass

Week 2 Entrance Song, Reverencing the Altar, Greeting and Sign of the Cross

Week 3 Penitential Act and the Lord have Mercy

Week 4 Gloria and Collect

Week 5 Liturgy of the Word and Responsorial Psalm

Week 6 Gospel and Homily

Week 7 Profession of Faith and Universal Prayer

Week 8 Preparation of Gifts and Pray over Offering

Week 9 Eucharistic Prayer Part 1 - Introductory dialogue, Thanksgiving and Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy)

Week 10 Eucharistic Prayer Part 2 - Epiclesis, Institutional narrative, and Consecration

Week 11 Eucharistic Prayer Part 3 - Mystery of Faith, Anamnesis and Oblation

Week 12 Eucharistic Prayer Part 4 - Intercession and Doxology

Week 13 Communion Rite - Lord’s Prayer

Week 14 The Sign of Peace, Lamb of God and Communion

Week 15 The Concluding Rites - The Blessing, Dismissal and Sanctification